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          POMS Homepage - arbroath
          Seals attached to the Declaration of Arbroath (1320). More information at The National Records of Scotland.

          PoMS is being expanded!

          The royal charters of Robert I (1306-29), David II (1329-71) and Edward Balliol (ruled in opposition, 1332-56) are currently being added to the database and will appear soon on the public website as part of the AHRC-funded 'Community of the Realm in Scotland, 1249-1424: history, law and charters in a recreated kingdom' project. (www.cotr.ac.uk)

          POMS Linked Open Data via RDF

          PoMS data is now available as Linked Open Data via an RDF server. You can find it at https://www.poms.ac.uk/rdf, and there is documentation about it at https://www.poms.ac.uk/rdf/doc

          Welcome to PoMS

          This is a database of all known people of Scotland between 1093 and 1314 mentioned in over 8600 contemporary documents. It is also being extended to 1371 to include all those lands, peoples and relationships mentioned in royal charters between 1314 and 1371. The People of Medieval Scotland website is an outcome of three projects: The Paradox of Medieval Scotland (2007-2010); The Breaking of Britain (2010-2013); and The Community of the Realm in Scotland (2017-2020), all funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), and the Transformation of Gaelic Scotland in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries (2013-2016), funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

          Click on the 'Links' below to find out more about the individual projects.